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Incredible Wildlife Experiences

Yesterday the team had the opportunity to tour Prince Olav Harbour, another retired whaling station, and Possession Bay.

They were able to go ashore at Prince Olav and explore the old buildings and a wrecked coal ship that have been claimed by the local seals. Many fur seal mothers were caring for their newborn pups. Annie Aggens says it was an amazing experience to listen to the young seals' calls. They also observed huge gatherings of king and gentoo penguins.

They were not able to go ashore in Possession Bay, but they had an awesome zodiac ride. They observed more seals and penguins onshore and swimming in the sea. Taylor Sweitzer was able to collect some chunks of ice from bergs floating in the bay, which came in handy later that night.

They used the iceberg chunks as the rocks in a PolarExplorers signature celebratory cocktail, the Aurora Australis--a champagne based drink chilled with fresh Antarctic sea ice.

They're back in the open sea onboard the Plancius now, and once again rolling in some large swells. But all are feeling well with no significant motion sickness symptoms. Next stop: South America.


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