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Not Your Typical Mother's Day

Shout out to the moms who are spending their Mother's Day skiing across the vastness of Greenland! Go Annie & Trudi!

Team Haribo:

Another great day of skiing today. It was a full day of low visibility and no contrast, tricky conditions that made navigation much more difficult. Otherwise, the weather was pretty good with a slight tailwind and warmer temperatures. Probably just a few degrees below freezing.

The team skied their usual 13.7 miles today. Dirk had his favorite buffalo-style mac and cheese for dinner and the group was relieved to realize that they have plenty of hot sauce left for the duration of their expedition. Continuing east tomorrow!

Team Cocoa-Motive:

Team 2 had a good day as well and skied 13 miles away from Dye 2. To celebrate reaching Dye 2, they treated themselves to an extra 30 minutes of sleep this morning. What a luxury!

They will be on the same heading for the next 198 miles. It was a whiteout pretty much all day and super warm. They found it hard to keep from sweating! They are pretty sure they followed Taylor's tracks for about 1/8 of a mile before they disappeared into the snow. The group expects a windier day tomorrow and are ready for more miles!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Plus one, greetings are a day late I assume.

Gefällt mir
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