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Spectacularly Sunny Day

Team Ski Strap:

"We had another lovely day of skiing in Greenland today. For the 3rd or 4th day in a row, we have had picture-perfect weather. Clear, calm, and cold. Not a cloud in the sky. Our sastrugi fest continues, however, and at this point, we fear it may just extend all the way to the east coast. Today we had 2 periods of time when the snow surface changed and we were tricked into thinking we may be getting out of the sastrugi. But, we have managed to keep consistent with our daily mileage, knocking out another 15.5 miles. Despite the conditions making it hard to get into a skiing groove, our routine seems to be working out well.

Tonight we switched our tent partners and I (Taylor) am with Stuart, and Dirk and James are together for the next 5 nights." -Update from Taylor

Team Cocoa-Motive:

The team has had a good day! Another 14.9 miles through tough sastrugi. They were grateful for a bit of downhill that seemed to help them out. Yet another beautiful, sunny day with a chilly north wind.

Their evening has been quite spectacular as well- calm & sunny. They are thoroughly enjoying their ability to be comfortable outside of their tents enjoying the sunshine.


Taylor & Annie,

Thank you for the updates I enjoyed reading them all. I’m thankful Stu is with you . I I know his drive would have him complete the expedition.

Replying to

And I’m so happy I tapped out on this one . Cheers to you all of you on this expedition. Only a few days left now, we’ll done❤️ thank you for bringing him home


Happy Birthday Chris!!

What an extraordinary adventure you and your fellow travelers are having!

Love you very much!!!

Mom & Dad


Way to go after it Teams!

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