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The Team Arrives in Greenland

I am excited to announce that our team has successfully gathered in Tasiilaq, Greenland on schedule today (with all of their baggage as well). The initial travel in a polar expedition rarely goes fully according to plan, especially when dealing with the notoriously fickle weather of East Greenland, so we could not be more pleased. A big part of our success was the incredible staff of Iceland Air, who handled our complex luggage situation with professionalism and ease. A big shoutout and THANK YOU to Iceland Air from the team here at PolarExplorers.

Upon arrival in Tasiilaq, the team settled into what will be their accommodations for the next two nights, and enjoyed the official expedition welcome reception and kickoff. Tomorrow, they have a lot of work ahead of them, unpacking and repacking all of their food, clothing, and equipment, in preparation for almost 4 weeks on the ice.

Check back again tomorrow for another update and some photos of beautiful Tasiilaq.


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