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A Proper Winter Day on the Ice

Updated: May 20

Team Haribo:

"Finally a proper winter day. It was -20 degrees the whole day and we had a 24 mph tailwind. Nearly perfect, sunny conditions for our 9-hour ski day. I loved it." -Update from Dirk.

The team carved their way through 14.6 miles of pristine snow today, inching closer to the summit of the ice cap.

Team Cocoa-Motive:

The team managed 13.7 miles today and are roughly at 7,900 ft of elevation. Only a couple hundred more feet to the summit of the ice cap!

A highlight of the day was seeing some crazy rainbows, and at one point even seeing 6 at once. Some were circling the sun, some were arches and some were halos across the sky. Incredible!


Glad to hear that you have a nice winter day to enjoy. So much preparation for just that!



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