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Exploring DYE 2

Yesterday (May 24), the team skied 21km to reach DYE 2. Whiteout conditions, along with a headwind, and frigid temps made it a very challenging ski. Upon arrival, they made camp and then made their way into the abandoned radar station that was part of the DEW Line (Distant Early Warning Line) which was decommissioned in the late 80's. The interior of the massive radar station is a maze of hallways, stairwells, and rooms, that looks like it could be the set for a sci-fi horror story (or possibly the hideout of a Bond villain).

Today, the team will change course for the first time in two and a half weeks, and head north to "Dog Camp" where they will part ways with the dog sleds. Listen to the update from Robert Scott below, and check out some pictures from inside DYE 2...


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