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North Pole, First Day Of Skiing

Our last degree ski expedition had their first full day of travel today. It's always nice to put that first day behind you. All things being equal (ice conditions, weather, mood...) everyday gets easier as the sled gets lighter and YOU get smarter and more experienced! The team covered 7 nautical miles from their drop off point last night, ending at N89.08.72, E 138. That's a good first day, especially considering they didn't get to bed until 2 AM last night! They had a cold day with temperatures remaining steady at -30F / -34 C. In temperatures like these it can be a struggle to keep your hands warm, especially right after breaks when your body is slightly chilled. The key is to stay well fed, well hydrated and to move, move, move! It's also critical to pay close attention to your body and take action to warm up those parts of your body that are cold. There was a slight headwind on their faces as they skied. No doubt they all had their face masks on, or layers pulled up and over their noses and cheeks. They are all cozy in their tents, after a filling meal of appetizers, soups and a hearty dehydrated dinner. A few well placed hot water bottles will make their sleeping bags feel extra cozy tonight. Not that they need the help falling asleep, they are probably tired enough from all the hard work.


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