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Flight to the Icecap

The team spent the morning double and triple checking their lists, and arranging their spare luggage to be shipped to the West side of Greenland where they will pick it up at the end of the month. Then it was off to the helipad, where they loaded up and flew (in near perfect weather) up the icecap to 800m elevation, where our two doglsed mushers were waiting to greet them.

The dog teams spent most of the day yesterday making the ascent from sea level and had a well deserved day off today. Tomorrow, will be the first true travel day (one of many) as the team makes their way across the icecap on foot. A big shout out to everyone on the team! Eric, Rob, Robert, Nancy, Taylor, Harald, Salo, and all 32 of their furry companions!

Stay tuned for more updates...


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