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North Pole Season Kicks Off!

The PolarExplorers 2018 North Pole Last Degree Ski team officially kicked off their expedition tonight in Longyearbyen, Norway. The team gathered for a pre-flight briefing followed by welcome reception and dinner at a lively pub in Longyearbyen.

At the pre-flight briefing they learned that their flight to the ice is scheduled for April 14. That means they will spend tomorrow reviewing expedition procedures, making final preparations with their kit and transferring their packed sleds to the airport by early afternoon. If all goes as planned they will fly to the Barneo basecamp the following day (Saturday). From there they will get transferred to their starting point on the ice.

We are happy to report that everyone is doing well. The level of excitement is high. Our finger's are crossed that there won't be any delays. The team wanted to share this link to a video of the plane dropping the tractor and supplies, by parachute, to build the Barneo runway and basecamp. They should be putting the finishing touches on it tomorrow.

Check back again tomorrow for another update from the North Pole Last Degree Ski Expedition!


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