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Reaching “Dog “Camp” means it’s a wrap!

Yesterday our Greenland team got to “dog camp“ which is the point at which they will say goodbye to Salo and Harald, who will turn around and head back to Isortoq on the east coast. A helicopter is scheduled for later today from Kangerlussuaq which will both deliver 17 bags of dogfood for Salo and Harald‘s return trip, and pick up our skiers for the short lift to Kangerlussuaq.

If all goes according to plan (which doesn't always happen) they will be back in Kangerlussuaq tonight where hot showers and soft beds await. All their hard work and days upon days of skiing is about to pay off!

We will keep you posted about their exit from the icecap as well as a final post from Kangerlussuaq so checkback again soon :)


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