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SP Team Celebrates the New Year

All members of our South Pole Last Degree/ Vinson team have successfully gathered in Punta Arenas, Chile. Individual gear checks have been conducted and the team rung in the New Year together with toasts and a walk along the water's edge. Today will be the first of their two COVID tests in advance of the scheduled flight to Antarctica on January 3rd.

This season, rather than the Illyushin-76, the plane that will be flying team members to the ice will be an Icelandair 757, the newest addition to the Antarctic flight roster.

Tomorrow, the team will be weighing their gear and sending it to the airport for loading, and enjoying their last night in bed until the end of the expedition.

Stay tuned for more info! The team will begin their audio updates in the coming days.

Below are guides, Keith and Taylor, recreating the same photo from 10 years ago!


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