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The Summit

Team 1 has made it to the summit of the ice cap! Go team!!

Team Ski Strap (previously known as Team Haribo):

"Hi, it's James here from the newly named Team Ski Strap! It's day 17 and we covered 15 miles, our biggest day yet. Our day ended reaching the summit of the ice cap at 8,300 feet above sea level. We celebrated at summit camp with some special food and drink in the perfect evening sunshine and -4 F.

We started out at -22 F this morning which was refreshing, to say the least, but had great weather all day with a gentle breeze on our backs.

Tomorrow we will slowly start to descend down from the summit and start the last leg of our journey to the east coast!"

Team Cocoa-Motive:

Team 2 had awesome weather today, progressed 14.3 miles, and are now camped at roughly 8,100 feet. Only a few hundred feet away from the summit, which they expect to reach tomorrow.

They have transitioned from a stretch of big, powdery snowdrifts, which were hard to ski through, to much firmer, icy snow. Onward tomorrow!


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